The Worth of Physician Referrals


This week Dr. Matthew Dairman rejoins us as we switch gears from online marketing tools back to offline strategies. In previous segments we’ve discussed how building a relationship with your community and promoting patient referrals is paramount to the long-term success of your practice. However, putting in the extra effort to earn consistent referrals from…

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Advanced SEO (Google AdWords)


Dr. Richard Perez returns this week to provide us with a look at ways to improve your practice’s SEO. Enhancing your website’s search engine optimization is now easier than ever with the availability of tools like Google AdWords. Making sure that you are fluent in a variety of web presence modalities such as Google AdWords…

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Facebook Ads


This week, Dr. Richard Perez discusses the ins and outs of optimizing Facebook to channel more potential patients toward the website of your practice. A solid web presence is key nowadays for your community to find you and learn more about the services you can offer them. Making sure that your practice uses Facebook effectively…

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External Marketing


Dr. Chris Milkie returns us to the topic of marketing this week with a focus on External Marketing. This content works in tandem with the Internal Marketing methods discussed in weeks prior. How does External Marketing differ from Internal Marketing? Does your practice need both in order to succeed as a business? Consider these questions…

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Social Media


This week Dr. Terry Philbin goes over the ins and outs of social media. Why is it important? Does your practice spend enough time managing it’s social media presence? These are just some of the questions you need to consider when evaluating how you’ll choose to implement social media as part of your online platform.…

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Internal Marketing


In this week’s video, Dr. Chris Milkie addresses how critical internal marketing can be to the success of your practice. Internal marketing is all about cultivating a relationship with the patients you already serve. The focus here is to make sure that when members of your community need a podiatrist, your practice is the first…

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Patient Referrals Over Physician Referrals


This week Dr. Matthew Dairman discusses the importance of patient referrals and how delivering great service to your community will drive more business to your practice. When your patients are enthusiastic about the care you provide, they will be happy to spread the word. Patient referrals are a marketing strategy in their own right, which…

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Marketing ROI


In this week’s video, Dr. Lowell Weil Jr. discusses various methods used at the Weil Foot & Ankle Institute to measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Including one neat tactic you can implement in your practice today. Learning how to gauge the return on investment of your marketing is critical to the overall success…

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Post-Op Protocols

V5 - Post-Op Protocols

In this week’s video, Dr. Greg Berlet shares how the Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Center of Columbus has systematized their a lot of what they do in an effort to make growth easier and more attainable. For those of you wondering how you can grow your practice when you’re time is already maxed out, developing…

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Your Practice’s Core Values


In this week’s video, Dr. Matthew Dairman – a member of the FABI Faculty – shares the importance of developing Core Values for your practice. Its a great way to ensure that your whole team is playing form the same playbook. Not just from a day-to-day task perspective, but at a high level. Think of…

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